Pure Sine Wave Inverters
Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Inverter with Charger,UPS
Power Inverter Board

NANLI CO.,LTD. is professional supplier of Pneumatic Components in Thailand. Established in 2011 and our products well praised by customers in Thailand. 

Pneumatic Components: Air Source Treatment, Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Fittings, Pneuamtic Cylinders, Pneumatic Tubes&Tool etc. We have enough stock and ready to delivery for Thailand locally.


Another field, our China factory manufacture Power Inverters.  Off grid solution connect worldwide. 

Factory Main products:Pure sine wave inverter, Modified Sine Wave Inverter, Inverter with Charger (UPS),  Power Inverter Board etc. 

Design, Develop, OEM/ODM, customized as requests.  From your ideas to our products. Let's work together to create better future.